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Keep Your Crypto Safe with a Ledger Wallet

    Have you used online crypto wallets to store your crypto earnings or other crypto holdings? Well what if we told you there was a way to store it offline securely and safely, sounds interesting right…

    Ledger a company formed in Paris with Headquarters in the USA have essentially created a tiny USB device that acts as an offline cryptocurrency wallet that you can access via Ledgers apps that they provide you. This is a unique device as you won’t have to worry about any hackers trying to steal your crypto earnings or rely on the internet to view or store your digital assets, it’s a great solution for people paranoid about being hacked and provides an easy way to ensure your money is extra safe.

    • Affordable device to keep your crypto earnings safe
    • Easy to setup and configure on your phone
    • Works with IOS, Android, Windows & Mac
    • Able to create backup passwords for extra security
    • Can connect to your Ledger on the go via Bluetooth
    Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency wallet - FIMA Plus

    What if Someone Steals my Ledger USB?

    The short answer is the person who stole it won’t be able to do anything serious, for example with other forms of storage wallets hackers can take it and transfer the crypto with the Ledger they cannot as the owner has to install a PIN and other access codes making it hard for thieves to infiltrate your crypto wallet.

    The great thing about these Ledger USB devices is that they’re not something a thieve will look for in the first place, if they infiltrate your phone devices, they could empty your crypto wallets however the Ledger is almost disguised as just a regular USB that won’t be noticeable to the normal eye without closer inspection.

    Does This Only Store Bitcoin?

    The greatest thing about the Ledger besides is security is that fact that it can manage up to 1,800 different types of coins and tokens. If you’re a newbie in the crypto realm Ledger provides easy how to guides and tutorials on their website, they also allow the apps to be installed on pretty much every platform including: Windows, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux.

    What Do You Receive When Purchasing a Ledger?

    When purchasing a Ledger you actually get quite a bit of equipment with your product, in the box you will receive the ledger, micro USB cable, lanyard, keychain and a recovery sheet.

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    On the recovery sheet you are able to write down a 24-word phrase which will be your backup seed phrase to use if you lose your Ledge or damage it in some form.

    Whether you’re a serious crypto investor or a newbie that has a small amount of money in crypto a Ledger is a great tool to ensure you’re keeping your money safe just incase you get hacked or can’t access your crypto wallet online. Overall it’s a great investment and a must purchase when storing mass amounts of crypto as you want to ensure your money is as safe as possible.

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