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Things To Know Before Investing in NFT’s

    When NFT’s were first introduced, I believed that all you needed was for your work to be noticed on the best platform available, and once customers identified your artwork, they would instantly fall in love. After a couple of months, my NFT’s were just sitting in the marketplace, not being bought. While this was occurring, I was doing more research on NFTs. Within this research, I had a realisation that there is a chance no one will ever buy your NFT’s without a good marketing strategy.

    Marketing your drops before releasing them is paramount to their success, while the most profitable artists on every platform become successful from their networks. While I was doing everything in the wrong marketing order, my NFT’s started to burn out as I kept listing and relisting without any community support or notice. If I were to do this section again, I would be interacting with the NFT community on Twitter and learn from the most successful NFT artists.

    Two perfect examples of artists marketing their NFT’s the right way are NFTipi and Art-Jedi. These two artists have not made any drops yet but are massive figures in the NFT Clubhouse scene. They both partake in rooms of other artists as well. The mere rumours of these artists doing a drop will create a roar in the beloved community and essentially guarantee them successful NFTs that will grow in value.

    NFT Fees

    I remembered being confused searching on NFT sites looking at the foundation of artists profiles as they only had 1 or 2 pieces and wondering why they don’t upload as much as possible. The main reason for this is that minting and listing your own pieces are an expensive investment as they can cost around $150 per NFT to process. While uploading ten different artworks would cost around $1500, which is a pricey investment with no guarantee on the success of the NFTs.

    I personally took part in this investment. With just seeing my pieces just sit on the site without any purchases or bids for a couple of months, I started to believe I had made a horrible mistake. This was mainly was caused by the marketing aspect of my NFTs, as they had no hype or fanbase at all. This led me to take all my NFTs to Instagram and try to grow an expression for my artworks.

    Success Doesn’t Come Overnight

    The dream of making hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions from NFT’s are possible but believing it is a short term model is a bad strategy. While having a long-term mindset needs to be taken into account, an impatient mindset will lead to artists making more risky decisions. Therefore from any perspective, planning, long term will always play to your benefit. As believing in the NFT’s you purchase or the artworks you upload, will always work out successful in the end.

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